Expensive Celebrity Weddings

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Tom Cruise tied the knot with Katie Holmes some time ago (think it was November 2006) in an overly extravagant wedding. Sometime last summer, a divorce had been filed and the couple was at each other’s neck, spewing venom. News that Tom cruise has written a love letter to Katie is therefore welcome iq option demo news to most of us. But this brings us to our topic of focus in this article.


What is the maximum logical amount of money you would allocate your nuptials? No just think about it, would you spend several million dollars on a wedding? Probably not, the maximum that a lot of the ‘common folks’ spend on weddings is $25,000 but there is a group of people who feel no qualms at arranging extravagant weddings. Picture this; Michael Jordan spent more than $10 million on his second wedding. But this from a man who spent $168 million divorcing his first love is probably nothing. But it is still mind-boggling for the common man in the street whose idea of a perfect wedding is for his bride to appear in the ceremony wearing gorgeous but inexpensive wedding dresses.

Around the circles of the U.S. (or is it Hollywood) A-list celebrities, Michael Jordan’s wedding was the most expensive ever. Here is a list of other celebrities who fel no qualms at holding the most expensive celebrity weddings:

Justin Timberlake: His marriage to Jessica Biel consumed a whopping $6.5 million. This was consumed not only expensive mermaid dresses but also on renting a coast (a whole coast for themselves) in Italy. They booked an entire five-star hotel and paid for the other buildings in the area to be closed to keep out paparazzi. Now, tell me what you call that?

Elizabeth Taylor: she married Larry Fortensky in a wedding that is rumored to have a budget of $3.8 million. The venue of the wedding (the infamous Michael Jacksons’ Neverland Ranch) consumed more than $1 million. No facts are available to project the estimates of Taylor’ wedding dress, but it could never have been what you and me have in mind for expensive wedding dresses.

Paul McCartney: Even before he tied the knot with Heather Mills, rumors were already out of the mill-pun intended; if it is associated with the Beatles, then it will most likely stink extravagant. The former Beatle did not disappoint as he chucked out a cool $3 million for the wedding ceremony that was held in Ireland.

Christina Aguilera: With her $2 million wedding with Jordan Bratman, Christina did prove that she’s got something more than the looks and the talent. Her glittery mermaid wedding dress probably consumed half of the amount!

Tom Cruise: A wedding in Rome. $2 million short from the bank. A break up sometime later. This is what all these expensive weddings have in common. Tom Cruise is however making amends with Katie Holmes. Did you hear that he wrote a cool love letter to the woman of his dreams? We wish them all the best. Who would want to see Katie Holmes wearing a splendid mermaid wedding dress again as she exchanges vows with the still love-smitten Cruise?

Benefits of Website Content Manager

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Content Management SystemsSince the advent of the internet, a lot of people nowadays are into home-based employment. While others have their so-called virtual bosses, some people have their own online business. Undeniably, there is an apparent increase of online businesses these days like making websites and inputting content in it. Writing and posting the finished write-ups in the website can be quite demanding, especially if you don’t have a website that manages your content. Therefore, before you even think of starting, make sure that you have a reliable website content manager. Here are the reasons to do so:

Authority and Control of your Own Site – One of the reasons of opting for online business is the fact that it offers flexible time, so you can work at your own pace. Apart from that, you also love writing and this has been your passion since then, but these reasons are not enough to succeed because you need a system that aids you with the content of your site, and that’s the WCM. It allows you to have full control over the articles that you want to post and to easily manipulate on its postage as well.

Aids in Communication – The website content manager allows faster ways of communication with audience as it is equipped with features and tools that let you send emails to followers or answer queries immediately while you are still asleep. Aside from that, it also has spam control, so potential clients can see the quality and trustworthiness of your site.

Creates Smoother Workflow in your Business – The website content manager does not only aid in content management, but it also manages the tasks before an article is being published. The collaborative efforts of you and all your staff like producing, editing, and approving are aided every time.

Real Time Changes – You can always improve, modify, or emphasize your posts whenever you need to, and these changes can actually be manifested online in real time. Consequently, it can stay in its original rank without having to wait for days for the post to stay on top, so your followers won’t have to wait for fresh posts from your site as well.

Financial Benefits – Let us face the fact that a lot of people are into online businesses these days because they can save a lot of money compared to opening a physical store and having to pay all the needed fees for the store to run. With a website content manager, say goodbye expensive asked from professionals who are good in website issues like content management. Apart from that, your WCM will be present to work for you 24/7 all the time.

Nigeria’s Kidnapping Hits Victims

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nigeria kidnappingJust recently, the world was banged with the news about the kidnapping incident in Nigeria. Everyone was frightened about what had happen since there were numbers of victims who were being affected and hostage by the kidnappers. Previous days before the recent incident of kidnapping, a kidnapping incident was still recorded in the police station were an old woman was a victim.

After the said kidnapping case, another kidnapping incident was noted in the police station and this time many victims were hit by the kidnappers. With these different kidnapping incidents, it has been adjudged that Nigeria has to tighten their security and thus, from time to time, they have to maintain the safety of all the people living in their place as well as those tourists whom will visit the place.

Aside from that, Nigerian government tries to tighten the security because they are also afraid to increase the number of victims being killed by the kidnappers and in which they were not able to ransom. Most of the concerns that they wanted to enhance the protection are those tourists who are still new with the place. Recently, there had been a good number of tourists which were recorded who visited the said country.

On the other hand, with the consequent kidnapping case, most of the victims were killed and this is the most important thing that authorities particularly the policemen were afraid of. Thus, this time, they are now taking precautionary actions and measures which will help them ensure the safety and security of the Nigerians.

Most of the actions taken were rigid trainings of the rescue team and policemen so that they can immediately respond to whichever incident that may arise. Most of the common things that they worry about are the family of the kidnap victim and the survival of the victim being kidnapped. Therefore, in order to lessen the incident, everyone is ask to be keen and alert in watching all those malicious people that may be in the place anywhere in Nigeria.

Nigerian’s authorities are now making connections with other countries as well in order to fully strengthen their security and safety as well. Malls and other public places are now being watched carefully by policemen to make sure that everybody are safe most especially the children.

Nigerian people are encouraged to participate and be a good contributor in this kidnapping outbreak by simply watching all malicious people anywhere!