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Connecticut Shooting Spree Leaves 20 Kids and Six Adults Dead

Sunday, December 16th, 2012

cheesecake-ck-577162-lEarly this morning, an allegedly 20-year-old man opened fire on Sandy Hook Elementary School, reportedly taking the lives of at least 26 people, including 20 children in Newtown, Connecticut.

An authority who talked to NBC News had verified that the suspected gunman is already dead. In accordance to news reports, the shooter was 20-year-old man and two firearms were recovered from the crime scene.

One student who survived the shooting described the traumatic incident to the news team. He said that he was in the gym then he heard seven loud explosions of sorts. Upon hearing the explosions, the gym teachers ordered them to go in the corner and so they all huddled. Still terrified with his experience, he narrated that he kept hearing reverberating noises of gunshots. And they all started crying. All of their gym teachers asked them to go inside the office where not one person could locate them. Afterwards, a police officer stepped in and ordered them to run outside. They all did what the police officer said. They run into the firehouse and waited for their parents.

The parents who are at the crime scene narrated that the shooter’s face was covered with a mask. However, that has not been verified by officials. Police forces are incessantly searching around the vicinity of the institute, with the whole district of the school lockdown as of the present time. Parents were able to come and get Sandy Hook students at the neighboring performance area and the fire station, provided that they bring any form of identification.

State police have also declared that they will hold a press conference about this tragic event. Governor of Connecticut, Dan Malloy has reportedly conversed with President Obama on the subject of this tragedy and is at this time going to Newton.