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Nigeria’s Kidnapping Hits Victims

Friday, February 8th, 2013

nigeria kidnappingJust recently, the world was banged with the news about the kidnapping incident in Nigeria. Everyone was frightened about what had happen since there were numbers of victims who were being affected and hostage by the kidnappers. Previous days before the recent incident of kidnapping, a kidnapping incident was still recorded in the police station were an old woman was a victim.

After the said kidnapping case, another kidnapping incident was noted in the police station and this time many victims were hit by the kidnappers. With these different kidnapping incidents, it has been adjudged that Nigeria has to tighten their security and thus, from time to time, they have to maintain the safety of all the people living in their place as well as those tourists whom will visit the place.

Aside from that, Nigerian government tries to tighten the security because they are also afraid to increase the number of victims being killed by the kidnappers and in which they were not able to ransom. Most of the concerns that they wanted to enhance the protection are those tourists who are still new with the place. Recently, there had been a good number of tourists which were recorded who visited the said country.

On the other hand, with the consequent kidnapping case, most of the victims were killed and this is the most important thing that authorities particularly the policemen were afraid of. Thus, this time, they are now taking precautionary actions and measures which will help them ensure the safety and security of the Nigerians.

Most of the actions taken were rigid trainings of the rescue team and policemen so that they can immediately respond to whichever incident that may arise. Most of the common things that they worry about are the family of the kidnap victim and the survival of the victim being kidnapped. Therefore, in order to lessen the incident, everyone is ask to be keen and alert in watching all those malicious people that may be in the place anywhere in Nigeria.

Nigerian’s authorities are now making connections with other countries as well in order to fully strengthen their security and safety as well. Malls and other public places are now being watched carefully by policemen to make sure that everybody are safe most especially the children.

Nigerian people are encouraged to participate and be a good contributor in this kidnapping outbreak by simply watching all malicious people anywhere!