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Expensive Celebrity Weddings

Friday, July 12th, 2013

Tom Cruise tied the knot with Katie Holmes some time ago (think it was November 2006) in an overly extravagant wedding. Sometime last summer, a divorce had been filed and the couple was at each other’s neck, spewing venom. News that Tom cruise has written a love letter to Katie is therefore welcome news to most of us. But this brings us to our topic of focus in this article.


What is the maximum logical amount of money you would allocate your nuptials? No just think about it, would you spend several million dollars on a wedding? Probably not, the maximum that a lot of the ‘common folks’ spend on weddings is $25,000 but there is a group of people who feel no qualms at arranging extravagant weddings. Picture this; Michael Jordan spent more than $10 million on his second wedding. But this from a man who spent $168 million divorcing his first love is probably nothing. But it is still mind-boggling for the common man in the street whose idea of a perfect wedding is for his bride to appear in the ceremony wearing gorgeous but inexpensive wedding dresses.

Around the circles of the U.S. (or is it Hollywood) A-list celebrities, Michael Jordan’s wedding was the most expensive ever. Here is a list of other celebrities who fel no qualms at holding the most expensive celebrity weddings:

Justin Timberlake: His marriage to Jessica Biel consumed a whopping $6.5 million. This was consumed not only expensive mermaid dresses but also on renting a coast (a whole coast for themselves) in Italy. They booked an entire five-star hotel and paid for the other buildings in the area to be closed to keep out paparazzi. Now, tell me what you call that?

Elizabeth Taylor: she married Larry Fortensky in a wedding that is rumored to have a budget of $3.8 million. The venue of the wedding (the infamous Michael Jacksons’ Neverland Ranch) consumed more than $1 million. No facts are available to project the estimates of Taylor’ wedding dress, but it could never have been what you and me have in mind for expensive wedding dresses.

Paul McCartney: Even before he tied the knot with Heather Mills, rumors were already out of the mill-pun intended; if it is associated with the Beatles, then it will most likely stink extravagant. The former Beatle did not disappoint as he chucked out a cool $3 million for the wedding ceremony that was held in Ireland.

Christina Aguilera: With her $2 million wedding with Jordan Bratman, Christina did prove that she’s got something more than the looks and the talent. Her glittery mermaid wedding dress probably consumed half of the amount!

Tom Cruise: A wedding in Rome. $2 million short from the bank. A break up sometime later. This is what all these expensive weddings have in common. Tom Cruise is however making amends with Katie Holmes. Did you hear that he wrote a cool love letter to the woman of his dreams? We wish them all the best. Who would want to see Katie Holmes wearing a splendid mermaid wedding dress again as she exchanges vows with the still love-smitten Cruise?